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Advanced Excel


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Module 1 – Excel Fundamentals
Getting to know the application and its interface. Here, we try to understand the features of excel, available options in each of the menu tabs. Entering data and how excel understands the user inputs along with basic data formatting and shortcuts.

Module 2 – Modifying Excel Worksheet
Work with worksheets, introducing the sheet additions, deleting and how to edit multiple sheets in one go! Work with cells and its formatting. Different ways to use the cells when text is involved vs Numeric. Get know the most amazing feature! Conditional Formatting. Highlight and draw attention to the Cells, Rows and Columns based on conditions.

Module 3 – Filters and Sorting
Quick analysis! Knowing how to apply filters, multiple columns and sorting

Module 4 – Basic Excel Functions
Understand the most important feature, Cell Referencing. This enables us to navigate formulas with ease. Work with the basic formulas under the categories: Numeric, Text, Logical, Date and Lookups. Understand how to write Formulas in different sheets and sheet references.

Module 5 – Dashboard Creation
Lets apply what we have learnt so far and also learn further data manipulation to seek insights. Understand the data, frequent challenges and how to shape the data to generate charts and Pivot Tables. Build the Dashboard Views and work with Slicers.

About Course

Advanced Excel

Why should you learn this course?

  1. Excel is the essential skill for all the finance, HR, Management students.
  2. Excel is necessary step to understand data and first steppingstone to become a business analyst and data scientist.
  3. This course will give you practical experience on different datasets including Finance and HR data.
  4. Learn any time and anywhere.
  5. Learn using industry relevant examples.

Each module has practice along files and assignments which will help sharpen your skills. The examples and scenarios used in the course are in line with the live-work scenarios.

At the end of the course, you will be comfortable working with process of turning raw data into amazing dashboards !

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn end to end excel course that will help future business analysts and data scientist as it gives the understanding of the data.

Material Includes

  • Presentations
  • Temporary Recordings
  • Data Sets


  • Laptop or PC is required for the training and practice.


  • Qualifications: BBA, BBM, MBA (Finance, Marketing, HR), BCom, MCom, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
  • For Finance, Commerce, Management & Engineering Students


5.00 /5

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Enrollment validity: 180 days

Material Includes

  • Presentations
  • Temporary Recordings
  • Data Sets

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